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3/21/2022 1:54 pm  #21

Re: Trunk roads are not suitable for running

I've been working on filling out my city, and noticed this corner that seems to be a similar situation as above.  On OSM: https ://www . openstreetmap . org /edit#map= 17/44.81520/-93.22003

The highway going from SW to NE (Sibley Memorial Highway) I see tagged as no for both foot and bicycle access but shows up at a runnable street here.  Is there some other tag that should be on that section?  The segment is identified as motorway, which if I click through to the documentation also says:

> Generally some restrictions are placed on the kind of vehicles or traffic which can be on roads which should be classed as highway=motorway, such as no pedestrians, bicycles, livestock, horses and so on.


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