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7/27/2021 6:32 pm  #1

Pin Favourite Cities (or Group them etc)


Firstly, I LOVE this. absolutely love it. I've been trying to complete and tag streets in my area using Strava heatmap only, which has GPS traces everywhere due to how much I run the same routes, so this solution is both clean and functional, so thank you so much for that! 

I live in Sydney, Australia and what's classified as a "City" is actually a small suburb, and we have heaps of them! I'd love to be able to track them more closely and see them on the map a bit more easily too, here are some more details on the two feature requests:

1) Ability to favourite a city, such that it is pinned to the top of my list. The default behaviour in My Cities is to show highest completion % first. Which for me is "Middle Harbour" which consists of 240m of bridges ahah. It would be fantastic to be able to pin my favourite cities to the top of the list.

2) I LOVE the Map view. It's nice and clear and a great way to see your coverage and progress. This may be a problem for Aussie users, but it would be great to be able to see a group of "cities" displayed on the map at once, for example, see Rosebery, Beaconsfield, Mascot and Eastlakes on the map, instead of having to load the entire "City of Sydney" which has a total distace of 18,000km. So it's like having two ends of the spectrum at this time, either one small suburb, or the whole city footprint! Ability to see somewhere in the middle would be awesome.

Thanks again and happy to provide more inputs on the requests above, 

Many Thanks, 


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