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4/18/2020 10:48 am  #1

Street Completion Adjustment

Reviewing some of my past runs, it looks like a street is only marked as completed if every single node is detected as being passed. With certain devices GPS accuracy being suspect at times (from little wobbles to full jumps if in a city with large buildings), would a little bit of leniency be better to mark a street completed? Ex: greater than 90% (or another number) of nodes = completed street

In addition, since this is relying on OpenStreetMap data, there may be divided roads (e.g with large median) that have nodes on each side. As a user I would think I'd only need to run one side to consider it complete. A percentage leniency would probably solve these type of situations as well.

Related: What is the spatial distance to a node and an uploaded GPX track to be marked as "achieved"? E.g. must come within X feet of a node to have it marked off.


4/18/2020 5:17 pm  #2

Re: Street Completion Adjustment

The fudge factor for counting a node as run is 25 meters.  As long as you record a GPS track point within a 25m radius of wherever OSM has plotted the node, it counts.  Sometimes you can catch a really short dead-end "for free" as you're running by it if you're on the correct side of the road and the gps wobbles the right way!  This radius seems to work well for me in practice and it's very rare for me that a GPS wobble skips a node.

Obviously, if you're running next to high-rises, GPS bounce can be a significant problem, and you might score some nodes a block away!  There isn't really a good way to deal with this problem easily: garbage in, garbage out.  If the GPS says you're a block away, you were a block away.

I'm not planning to mark streets complete with <100% node completion.  I felt that it was important to have accurate statistics, and that's a goal of this site.  If you have a 10-mile long street in a city (this happens plenty), setting a 90% or even 95% completion threshold still means a mile or half-mile segment incomplete.  If I've missed a 20-meter segment on a 5-mile street, I want to see that red on my map.

Your comment on divided roads is interesting, but there's no straightforward way to do what you're asking for.  OSM treats them as two separate streets with the same name.  There's no concept of "these two segments are two sides of the same road" in OSM.  So unfortunately, you'll have to run both sides in order to tick them off in StreetFerret.  But good news: Exercise!  Fresh air!


10/18/2020 8:32 pm  #3

Re: Street Completion Adjustment

I had a GPS track that missed the street entirely, (Garmin failed, had to use GPX from my phone. ) I'm not really keen on going back to run it, or missing parts of one side of a boulevard with no sidewalk on the other side. Really they're done, but I'd like to to mark them as complete.

Not sure the quite correct way to do that aside from making some cheater GPX files, but I'd rather not do that unless there's no other way


10/19/2020 9:14 pm  #4

Re: Street Completion Adjustment

In the case of the boulevard, it sounds like it's mapped with two ways in OpenStreetMap.  If one side is runnable, but the other side is not, you should edit the non-runnable side in OpenStreetMap to add the tag foot=no.  The non-runnable side of the street will disappear in the next map update.

In the case of bad GPS data, I don't really have a good answer for that short of implementing a "mark complete" function.  Certainly you could edit the GPX file as you note if you really wanted to.


5/09/2021 2:50 am  #5

Re: Street Completion Adjustment

In my run today the GPS track was way off for a while, due to high buildings, so two sreeets that I definitely ran, are still red.  So I know I can edit the gpx file to fix it, but what happens in StreetFerret? If I just delete the run in Strava, and replace with the edited file, will SF pick this up?


6/16/2021 8:02 am  #6

Re: Street Completion Adjustment

I see that GPS tracked a bit southwest of my actual location for my run this morning, which equated to NONE of my newly completed streets being counted.  Is there a way to shift the overlay so that the points actually align with the base map?  I promise, I wasn't running through peoples homes and businesses today.


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