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5/19/2021 5:05 pm  #1

Hampton, Virginia not updating

This is an ongoing problem that I've reported multiple times. I'm curious why SF doesn't update `Hampton, Virginia` automatically (last run was 5/17/21 and my updates were before that) when I mark streets as private in OSM? Should I let someone know whenever I make updates?

Here are several of the streets that I've updated that aren't being picked up:
- Channel Lane
- Bay Front Place
- Porte Harbour Arch
- Atlantic Avenue (section)
- Thimble Shoals Court
- Islandview Dr
- Seafarer Court
- Lakeside Cres.


5/23/2021 1:01 pm  #2

Re: Hampton, Virginia not updating

Has this resolved itself? If not, folliow Admin’s advice here under Announcement, and ask on Slack


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