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9/15/2020 10:10 am  #1

Streets not registering as Green or Red - Hollis NH

Hello - There are three potential issues with the map in Hollis NH.  Please advise if any updates can be made to the maps.  Thx

+Rocky Pond Road does not have the red line tracing along the road. It looks like the two end points of the road are connected by a straight line (going through forested areas)
+The majority of Federal Hill Road is marked white, but this is not a private road nor a state highway
+Silver Lake Road is marked white (i presume because of its state highway status), but pedestrian foot traffic is allowed on it


9/17/2020 12:42 pm  #2

Re: Streets not registering as Green or Red - Hollis NH

I responded to your PM, but I'll repost here for everyone's benefit:

At the bottom of the map, in tiny text there is a "Report a Problem" link. From there you can hit "Report missing Streets" and it will do a hard reload of the town's streets. I've gone ahead and done this which fixed the issue with the weird straight line. If you see something like that again, you can fix it that way.

This also fixed the issue with Silver Lake Road.

Silver Lake Road is marked tagged foot=no in OpenStreetMap. If that's wrong (and pedestrians are allowed), you should make that edit at I encourage you to "fix problems" that you find in the map as it's helpful to everyone! If you're not comfortable editing the map, let me know and I'd be happy to do it for you.


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