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7/29/2020 10:54 pm  #1

Algorithm & Reprocessing Update


The StreetFerret algorithm is now based on segments rather than nodes.  Thus, for a straight road between intersections (such as in a gridded city), it is no longer sufficient to run just the endpoints.  The algorithm is now virtually adding a mid-point node to all such instances.  Thus you may notice a small number of segments turn from green to red if you haven't actually run the segment.  I made this change in order to meet StreetFerret's goal of giving you the most accurate statistics.

As a result of this change, the site is currently re-processing the global city list which may result in some cities temporarily disappearing while they get updated.  That is the reason for the current large number of pending cities on the status page.  Please be patient as the site works through this backlog!


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