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7/05/2020 3:32 pm  #1

Performance Improvement Project


I am currently working on some steps to improve the overall performance of StreetFerret and remove some inefficiencies I've found as the site has grown.  I've found that my algorithms run too slow on very large cities such as Sydney, Australia or Oslo, Norway.  I'm changing the design to break down those cities into smaller chunks for processing which should speed them up dramatically.  This should dramatically speed up the time it takes for StreetFerret to process activities.  This design change requires upgrades to the production database which may result in down time as I phase in the new changes.

Next, I'm upgrading the server that supplies city and street map data.  This should alleviate the current backlog of city data updates.  My goal for this site is to keep all cities updated to within at most 7 days.

Please pardon any down time or slow downs that may occur as I phase in these changes to make sure that StreetFerret meets its goal of being fast and accurate!


7/18/2020 10:45 am  #2

Re: Performance Improvement Project

This project has been completed!  As a result of the changes, The city/street update cycle is down to less than a week.

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