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1/17/2021 7:00 am  #1

My city disappeared?

My city disappeared (Hampton, VA) from StreetFerret all of a sudden this morning. Maybe it’s being reindexed or something? I seem to still have access to other cities in the area.


1/17/2021 11:05 am  #2

Re: My city disappeared?

Hi, I've re-imported that city so it should show up shortly.


1/17/2021 4:22 pm  #3

Re: My city disappeared?

Thanks. It looks like Poquoson, VA (a city I finished) is missing too. What's going on?

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1/17/2021 6:35 pm  #4

Re: My city disappeared?

I'm not sure what happened here.  Somehow the update code reacted badly to recent map edits to those city boundaries.  Ultimately I have plans in the works to improve the way the site deals with adding and removing cities in response to changes in the map.  At the moment this happens mostly manually, though it will automatically remove cities that get deleted from the map.  Neither of these cities got deleted in the map, but they did get deleted in StreetFerret, so there might be a bug in that detection code.

In the meantime, I've just queued up a full reload of the entire state of Virginia which should take maybe an hour or so.  Please let me know if you notice other unexpected missing cities outside of that!


1/18/2021 5:06 am  #5

Re: My city disappeared?

Not disappeared but missing it seems..? Since you provided the cities-to-excel download I find several of my cities missing there. Berlin, Riga, Dubai and Singapore are all cities that I have run with Strava, but they are not in my list here. What can be the reason for this?


1/24/2021 4:43 pm  #6

Re: My city disappeared?

Looks like about 5 of my cities are missing again this afternoon. They were all there yesterday?

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1/24/2021 8:33 pm  #7

Re: My city disappeared?

Re: Berlin, Riga, Dubai, Singapore: for the initial site load, I used boundaries tagged admin_level=7 or 8 in OpenStreetMap.  Since those cities are tagged differently, I needed to import them by exception.  I've done that, so they should start showing up in your list.


1/24/2021 8:37 pm  #8

Re: My city disappeared?

Re: Virginia - The Virginia folks have been updating Virginia's city/town boundaries in OSM recently (for example -, so you may have caught the site mid-update.  I'm guessing it's caught up since your post - are you still missing cities?


1/26/2021 10:17 am  #9

Re: My city disappeared?

Great, I can now see Berlin, Riga, Dubai, Singapore:
There seems to be something wrong with Paris, there are two instances, one level 7 and one level 8, but they are almost identical... One with 4745 streets, the other 4746. Just someone who made some mistake in OSM?


1/26/2021 11:18 am  #10

Re: My city disappeared?

Now I see one more missing in Sweden, Gotlands kommun.


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