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12/29/2020 2:13 pm  #1

Street just inside boundary marked as public/residential but excluded.

Hey there. I'm just about to finish up my second city on here: Millcreek, just Southeast of Salt Lake City. I noticed that something labeled as "Willes Lane", just within the boundary of the city, isn't showing up as a street needed for completion. I ran it anyway and have checked it out on Open Street Map, and everything looks fine. It's not private, it's marked as a residential road, and it's marked "yes" as allowed access in all categories. Notably, I changed the name to 4565 South (how it's marked on the street sign, and Willes just appears to be the name of a nearby building from what I can gather from Open Street Map). I clicked to have SF reprocess the city for new streets, but it still didn't pick up. Maybe I'm doing something stupid, but I can't figure out what it would be. Is this possibly some example of inversion of the occasional problem of streets outside the boundaries? It doesn't affect me on this city as I've already run it, but if there's a bug, perhaps it's happening elsewhere as well?


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1/01/2021 6:36 pm  #2

Re: Street just inside boundary marked as public/residential but excluded.

Great report - let me explain what's happening here.

That street (formerly Willes Lane, but now 4565 South) has just a single node in Millcreek (and three nodes in Murray).  StreetFerret is coded in such a way that it only considers nodes that are on or inside of the city boundary.  So from the system's perspective, it's a zero-length street and it gets ignored entirely!

Ideally, for cases like this, the code should compute where the the street intersects the boundary and drop a virtual node at that point.  I already do this for streets with no nodes between intersections -- otherwise in a gridded street layout, you'd get credit for cross streets without actually running them.

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1/04/2021 5:27 pm  #3

Re: Street just inside boundary marked as public/residential but excluded.

Interesting, good to know! So, if I'm being very strict with my completionist mindset, I should always be careful to check the boundaries very carefully? Thanks!

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