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11/14/2020 10:20 am  #1

Major roads - only if they have pavements/sidewalks

Any chance of this refinement making it into the map? I'm *legally* allowed to run down any major UK A road (tagged trunk) I like, so adding the foot=no access tag to OSM would be wrong, but I'd be taking my life in my hands unless it has a pavement running alongside, and it makes little sense for them to appear on the StreetFerret map. You could say the same about most other A roads as well (tagged primary).



11/14/2020 7:22 pm  #2

Re: Major roads - only if they have pavements/sidewalks

Based on this feedback, I am now excluding streets that are tagged foot=discouraged, which I think is the right tag for that situation.  Excluding all highway=trunk is probably not the right answer, as those roads are perfectly runnable in many places.


11/09/2021 7:57 pm  #3

Re: Major roads - only if they have pavements/sidewalks

Just adding to this one as am also in the UK and many of our A roads (trunk roads) are often dual carriageways and/or extremely dangerous/ill advised to run on.

In some "cities" the only thing I have left to do is try and run alongside cars moving at 70+ mph with no pavement/sidewalk for some miles! Clearly a non starter and certainly something that don't think we should even be inviting consideration to try.

City Strides does actually get round this by omitting trunk roads. 

Wasn't aware of the foot=discouraged tag and never seen it used in this context. I can see that has possible merit but the snag is that we would probably need to edit the entire national trunk road network. Also in the OSM wiki documentation the discouraged tag is seemingly more meant by things like HGVs being discouraged from using narrow roads and getting stuck!


11/26/2021 1:19 pm  #4

Re: Major roads - only if they have pavements/sidewalks

Ultimately, I need some kind of tagging to be in place to indicate that a road isn't runnable.  In the UK, there are any number of A roads in the countryside (I'm thinking like the north of Scotland here) where they're perfectly runnable.  Excluding trunk roads as a general rule is not a good one because it many places it excludes roads that are perfectly fine to run on (and I think of several in my area).  If pedestrians are not allowed on a road, a simple foot=no will cover the situation.  That's also why I'm encouraging people to tag shoulders and sidewalks as additional tagging that can be used to determine road "runability".

Lastly, there is one simple tag that would solve the issue for dual-carriageway A roads: expressway=yes.  This tag is well-used in the US for precisely this sort of situation, and can be used on the sort of road that really shouldn't be run on, even if it's technically legal.


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