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8/01/2020 8:12 pm  #1

Coming soon: StreetFerret Navigator Android app

Development is now underway on a new app, StreetFerret Navigator, for Android phones.  This new app will improve upon the functionality of StreetFerret Live by drawing a trail during your run so you'll never accidentally miss a street.  Thanks to those of you that have subscribed to StreetFerret premium for supporting the site and allowing me to make this happen.


4/06/2021 7:58 pm  #2

Re: Coming soon: StreetFerret Navigator Android app

Any update on an app yet?  This website works pretty well on my phone so mostly just curious.


4/07/2021 10:48 pm  #3

Re: Coming soon: StreetFerret Navigator Android app

The status is that I have a prototype that mostly works on Android, but runs way slower than I'd like and I haven't figured out why.  Also, I've been distracted by solving data issues with the main site (see other forum spaces), so the app's been a bit on the back burner.  Since the mobile view works and this is a one-person show, it's lower priority than getting the data stuff right.

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