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5/21/2020 11:28 am  #1

Repeated roads not recorded

Thank you for developing this program; it’s provided a purpose to get out and move during this time.

My question: Some of my neighborhood streets that aren’t being shown as green, despite rerunning them. Last night I went out to collect some streets that I’ve previously recorded and the only data added to street ferret was a *brand new to me* street, the others remain red.

Help? Strava #19124671


5/22/2020 6:34 pm  #2

Re: Repeated roads not recorded

Hi there, thanks for reaching out.  I'm looking into this now.  I do see that there was an activity on 5/20 that somehow did not get properly processed.  Hopefully an easy fix 🤞


5/22/2020 10:53 pm  #3

Re: Repeated roads not recorded

Hi, so I did some testing, and Strava is reporting "Not Found" when SF tries to download position data for the activity on 5/20.  Is it possible you have a privacy setting that might be preventing the track from being visible?


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