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4/19/2020 2:12 am  #1

Street/Map Difference

Hello, On the map I can see that I have run all (4.47 miles) of a particular street but in the street list it is saying I have not run it at all. Do you know what's happening there?
Thanks for your help!


4/19/2020 2:18 am  #2

Re: Street/Map Difference

Just to follow up - on checking more streets there are lots where either all or part of a street is green but the street list is saying 0.00% complete.

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4/19/2020 8:39 am  #3

Re: Street/Map Difference

Hi JazzyJ, I'd like to look into this further.  Is it isolated to a particular city?  Please PM me your user details and which city looks wrong so I can investigate.


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