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2/22/2022 12:37 pm  #1

My "incomplete" streets in Cambridge, MA

Relatively new user here, with an account for a couple weeks. It's a very cool concept!

I've run every street in Cambridge MA -- some of them many times -- but some are listed as Incomplete here.

Because I am a noob here, I am not allowed to post a screenshot with my street listing, but here are some relevant factoids:
-- 6 streets are Incomplete
-- Russell Street, which I have run at least 30 times, is listed at 0% complete for me.
-- Massachusetts Avenue is Incomplete, but listed as having 100% 
-- Monsignor O'Brien Highway is Incomplete, but I have run 101.8% of it (?!).

I've tried re-uploading my Strava data, but the above anomalies remained consistent.

I have a couple other cities near me that I have run all of, with similar issues. I'm happy to provide any other info, if it helps.



3/04/2022 7:40 am  #2

Re: My "incomplete" streets in Cambridge, MA


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