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Bug Reports » Trunk roads are not suitable for running » 11/28/2021 8:41 am

Thanks. It's definitely over a week - I first updated OSM several months ago. I tried the "Report a problem" link and was directed to a url / sf/fix_city?c=394037. There was no indication that the report was successful, but likewise there was no error message. I'm happy to wait a while and see if it worked.

Bug Reports » Trunk roads are not suitable for running » 11/25/2021 6:58 am

Just a quick follow-up here. I've been seeing the same problem and have taken steps to correct some local roads in Oxford, but without success.

One example is the Northern By-pass Road. The south carriageway is perfectly runnable, with a wide path. The northern carriageway is high speed vehicles only, so not runnable.

A few months ago, I adjusted OSM to reflect this. This is now shown correctly in, but not in StreetFerret. Do I need to make additional changes to the road in OSM or is there an issue with the parser/database of Oxford roads?

I've put a couple of screenshots on imgur, but can't link directly (not enough posts). The URL is https :// imgur . com / a / YzTm1l8 (without the spaces).

I've obviously not run the northern carriage way, but it's still showing as something that I could run.

Thanks a lot.

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